TSE 2020 ULTIMATE - The Slovakia Experiment 8.2.2020

The Slovakia Experiment 2020 #tse2020 Gravelride Gravelbike

Big thanks goes out to all participators! A summary will come soon!


Double the fun! #gravelrace #granfondo #ausfahrtmitfreunden

UPDATE 7.2.2020:


We want to keep the TSE simple and small. That’s why we closed registration. If you just show up, that’s fine as well. Keep in mind we organize this out of fun and our resources are limited. This is not an official race or ride - if you face any problems on the ride, try to solve them by yourself. Take a lock with you. Look good, ride safe!

Please bring a pen!

IF you are posting pictures on Insta with #tse2020, you'll have the chance to win a special price!

START/MEETINGPOINT in Bratislava will be at https://www.facebook.com/vycapuernoho/

for REVERSERS: Meetingpoint opens at 11am, you'll get your Card there until 12am.   

for the ULTIMATES: Start at Citybiker between 8-9am, you have to decide, when to start, but if you arriving at the meetingpoint in Bratislava (https://www.facebook.com/vycapuernoho/) after 12am, you will get an 1 hour time penalty! On the Card you will find your Checkpoints and a kinda Route, but you can decide how to go there. On the Checkpoints please make a picture and write down your time by yourself in the card.


UPDATE 4.2.2020: We already have 50 registrations, just 20 to go. Registration is open until Thursday 6.2.2020 18:30!

We are pleased to announce that the TSE will take place on February 8th, 2020.

Wir freuen uns kundgeben zu dürfen, dass das TSE dieses Jahr am 8.2.2020 stattfindet.

there are 2 distances to choose from:

the ULTIMATE: Wien - Bratislava - Wien (ca. 150km)
the REVERSE: Bratislava - Wien (ca. 80km)

It can be started with any bike, but our recommendation is relatively clear: GRAVELBIKE, Cyclocross or Tracklocross. Gearshift does not bother us (of course).

Es kann mit jedem Rad gestartet werden, unsere Empfehlung ist aber relativ klar: GRAVELBIKE, Cyclocross oder Tracklocross. Gangschaltung stört uns natürlich nicht (mehr).

UPDATE (29.1.2020):

for the ULTIMATE-Starters: You have to decide when to Start, you will get a Coffee and the Brevet-Card with the starting Timestamp between 8 to 9am at Citybiker.at! You have to be at 12am at our Checkpoint in Bratislava, because the Reverse is starting there at 12:15 and we are all starting together there! Its around 70km from Citybiker.at to the Checkpoint in Bratislava on easy pavement, so 25kph average should be possible for the Ultimates.

for the REVERSE-Starters: Starting Point in Bratislava will open around 11:30 and we are starting at 12:15, the Routing you will get with your Brevet-Card at the Start.

CHECKPOINT/START in Bratislava will be announced soon!


Registration: tse@citybiker.at