Brompton Electric P Line Urban High Midnight Black Metallic

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Lighter. Faster. Even more portable. Spec’d to perfection, the Electric P Line is the compact e-bike you've been waiting for. Featuring an ultra-light titanium rear frame, design innovations, and a smart electric system to take your journeys to a whole new level.

The ultimate lightweight electric performance.

Carry, lift, and ride it further.

The lightest Brompton Electric bike ever

The Electric P Line is available from just 12.7 kg (or 15.6 kg with the battery pack ready for riding). Designed for the best performance, with its titanium Advance Rear Frame and premium, weight-saving components. You can carry it, lift it, and ride it further.


Even more portable

Folds in less than 20-seconds – tows and rolls easier than ever. The innovative dual-locking seat post means you can steer the folded bike by the saddle.

The larger, lighter Advance Roller Wheels glide from street to building. And there’s the Brompton-engineered Roller Rack (optional). The 341-gram rack is designed around the centre of gravity to minimise the feeling of weight, making your folded bike feel like a super light suitcase.

Spec’d to perfection

The compact Superlight 4-speed gearing system gives you everything you need to connect the city and beyond. Shifting is smooth and simple with a single gear lever. The Brompton Advance Suspension block comes as standard, sharpening control and handling. Add all the other Superlight parts and the premium touchpoints to the mix, and you have a truly next-level electric experience.

Charge on the go

The compact Brompton Electric 300wh lithium-ion battery packs in the power. And when it comes to charging, it’s as easy as plugging in your phone. Remove the battery pack (2.9 kg including bag) with one quick click. Plug into any regular socket. Fully charge in 4 hours*. Boost for less if you’re short on time.

*Reduce to just 2-hours with the Brompton SuperFast Charger

Every Brompton frame is individually numbered and when registered comes with a 7-year warranty and 3-year electrical system warranty. Find the right model for you.

All pictures shown are for colour reference purpose - actual product may differ. Please refer to the bike specs for details.

Bike Specs:

Model: P-Line Electric
Handlebar Type: High
Gears: Urban - 4 speed
Mudgards Type: Version L (includes Mudguards)
Frame Material: Steel/Titanium
Main Frame Colour: Midnight Black Metallic
Extremities Colour: Titanium Black Matt
Gear Ratio: Standard
Saddle: Superlight Saddle
Seatpost: Extended (inside leg < 89cm)
Lighting: Included Lights
Tyres: Continental Contact Urban
Folded Dimensions: 645mm x 565mm x 270mm (H x W x D)

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