PEdAL ED Kino Power Wool Leg Warmers


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Bringing convertible comfort to the harshest winter rides, pack the performance of Polartec® with the Kino Power Wool™ Leg Warmers. Designed to fit perfectly with the rest of our Kino collection, these double-layered leg warmers combine the best of science and nature for riders who challenge unpredictable forecasts and don’t shy away from late-season spins. When staying ahead of the unexpected means being prepared for anything, slip on a pair of Kino cycling leg warmers. And when the gradients or the temperatures rise, stow them away just as easily to ride on in comfort.




The performance behind Polartec® Power Wool™ is found in its double-layered design. An innovative material that brings together warmth and durability, Power Wool™ is constructed from an inner merino wool layer for soft, insulating and moisture-wicking comfort beneath a tough synthetic exterior. This means the Kino Leg Warmers block the outside elements while letting unwanted heat and moisture escape. The ergonomic design and fit cradle muscles without binding or pinching while pedaling and the elastic grippers at the thighs and ankles keep these winter leg warmers securely in place.

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