CHPT3 2020 Version 3

CHPT3 2020 Version 3

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Yes! Die dritte Version des CHPT3 ist online - Ein superlight, super limitiertes, S6 Modell, das darauf wartet gefahren zu werden.

Du möchtest ein CHPT3 kaufen? Gerne. Wirst du es in unserem Onlineshop kaufen können? Vielleicht. Die Nachfrage ist sehr groß, das Angebot beschränkt. Folge unserem Instagram Account, um im richtigen Moment die Chance auf eine Kaufmöglichkeit nicht zu verpassen.

You want to buy a CHPT3? Keep an eye on our instagram Account - as soon as we receive the first bikes, we will let you know how to get one. No shipping outside of the EU.

The Brompton x CHPT3 2020 is not just the bike that every serious cyclist should have thanks to its performance credentials, it’s also the most aesthetically thought-out bike in the Brompton range. That’s in no small part thanks to David Millar’s design sensibilities. Drawn to creators and others who are in the artistic world – we meet one who inspires him.

Our hero film shot in Barcelona features Gironan artist and long-time Brompton rider, David Roselló. The film highlights the core of what makes a Brompton x CHPT3 so unique. We bring together cyclist and artist and let spontaneity lead a route through the city of creativity, Barcelona. He is discerning about what he rides but art is what drives him. David Rosello’s life is art, but he wouldn’t use anything else to get around the city other than a Brompton x CHPT3 2020.


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