C Line Explore High Dynamo and Rack Cloud Blue

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This bike is ordered and expected to be delivered early October.

Experience the freedom a Brompton folding bike brings you. A Brompton bike is perfect for those that live, work or play in cities: The bike folds up to a third of its size, and it is suitable to take on all forms of transport – perfect for commuting on trains, popping in the boot of the car and taking out of the city for some fresh air, hailing a taxi when the weather changes or you want to get home late at night.

When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package little larger than its wheels.

Choosing a bike is about making sure it’s right for you. The right fit for your height, and the right style for the riding position you want. Here you can find comprehensive information on how to find the right Brompton for you:

All pictures shown are for colour reference purpose - actual product may differ. Please refer to the bike specs for details.

Bike Specs:

Model: C-Line
Handlebar Type: H type (1075mm)
Gears: Explore - 6 speed
Mudgards Type: Version R (includes Mudguards and Rack)
Frame Material: Steel
Main Frame Colour: Cloud Blue
Extremities Colour: Cloud Blue
Gear Ratio: Standard
Saddle: Standard
Seatpost: Standard  (inside leg < 84cm)
Lighting: Dynamo Lights SV8
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Racer
Folded Dimensions: 645mm x 585mm x 270mm (H x W x D)

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